11" Gilman Post (Box of 20)

The 11" Post is the largest post we offer.  It allows you to set embeds at a slab height of  11" to 13.25".  All Giman Posts are uniquely designed for the purpose of holding components securely during concrete placement.

11" Gilman Post (Box of 20)

SKU: GP-011-020
    • Money - Reduce your labor cost per embed by as much as 95%.  How much money could you save by setting embeds in less than 60 seconds?


    • Time - Eliminate time from each pour cycle.  Pick up days on the schedule over the course of a project.


    • Safety - No cutting, sawing, or grinding required.  Remove power tools from the task and greatly reduce the risk of injury.


    • Precision - Adjustable to 1/8".  Know with certainty that the embeds are set at the right elevation, every time.


    • Easy-Install - Integrated nails at the base and a self-tapping pilot hole at the top make installation a breeze.


    • Quality - No more job-built solutions.  These posts are strong enough to withstand any pour.  Say goodbye to costly repairs and rework.
    • Self-Tapping Pilot Hole - Simply screw the embed to the Gilman Post with any #8 screw


    • Adjustable - Adjust the height in 1/8" increments & lock into place


    • Multiple sizes - Allow you to set embeds in slabs from 3-13.25”


    • Integral Nails - Eliminate the need to hold nails when setting


    • Base Clearance - Space beneath the base allows for maximum concrete fill