7" Gilman Post (Box of 20)

The 7" Post is one of our more popular sizes.  It allows you to set embeds at a slab height of  7" to 9.25".  All Giman Posts are uniquely designed for the purpose of holding components securely during concrete placement.

7" Gilman Post (Box of 20)

SKU: GP-007-020
    • Money - Reduce your labor cost per embed by as much as 95%.  How much money could you save by setting embeds in less than 60 seconds?


    • Time - Eliminate time from each pour cycle.  Pick up days on the schedule over the course of a project.


    • Safety - No cutting, sawing, or grinding required.  Remove power tools from the task and greatly reduce the risk of injury.


    • Precision - Adjustable to 1/8".  Know with certainty that the embeds are set at the right elevation, every time.


    • Easy-Install - Integrated nails at the base and a self-tapping pilot hole at the top make installation a breeze.


    • Quality - No more job-built solutions.  These posts are strong enough to withstand any pour.  Say goodbye to costly repairs and rework.
    • Self-Tapping Pilot Hole - Simply screw the embed to the Gilman Post with any #8 screw


    • Adjustable - Adjust the height in 1/8" increments & lock into place


    • Multiple sizes - Allow you to set embeds in slabs from 3-13.25”


    • Integral Nails - Eliminate the need to hold nails when setting


    • Base Clearance - Space beneath the base allows for maximum concrete fill


The GILMAN Post(TM) Product was born out of asking a simple question: Why does it take so long to set embeds?  The answer was always "That's how we were taught and haven't thought about it since...it's just the way it has always been done."  The truth is, the way it has always been done isn't always the best way to be doing it.  That mindset is the basis for what we strive to do on a daily basis: save contractors millions of dollars every year through innovative construction products designed to increase task efficiency and as a result, increase project margins.



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