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The Gilman Post was created to set embeds faster, but the versatile design makes hanging many items more efficient! 
Common applications include:
  • Embed Plates

  • Tilt-Up Construction

  • Slab Depressions

  • Monolithic Mechanical Pads

  • Hang Forms

  • Electrical Boxes

  • & MORE

  • Rebar Templates

  • Wall Spacers

  • Embeds in Shear Walls

  • Screeds

  • Floor-Recessed Door Closers

  • Window Washing Davit Embeds

  • Metal Deck


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"These are the easiest embeds I've ever set!"

Chuck M.

Bomel Construction Co.

"We found that using the Gilman Post saved us time and held the embeds in place really well. [We] would use again." - metal deck project

Ed P.

Wadman Corp

“When you really think about it, the way we used to set embeds had a lot of labor-intensive steps before we ever set the embed, not to mention the stripping afterwards.  With the Gilman Post, it's a simple, one-step process, and that saves us a ton of time and money."


Shawn D.

Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

"Gilman Posts are being used in our Ascent job.  [It is] a massive embed they are holding up...and they are rock solid.  Good stuff"

Anthony U.

McClone Construction Co.

“Our customers expect us to be thought leaders, on the cutting edge of innovation.  That’s why they choose us over other suppliers.  The Gilman Post allows us to attract new customers, and go deeper with the ones we already have.   With this product, we have saved customers thousands in labor and created revenue out of "thin air".  The best part…our customers thank us for selling them this product…it is a true win-win.” 

Andrew Wright, Partner

Atlas Construction Supply


Have you used the Gilman Post in a new way?
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